The Saltpond Field is sixty five miles west of Accra in the central region of Ghana . The field is located 12 kilometres offshore Saltpond town in 85 feet of water and covers an area of approximately 5 squared km . It was discovered by the Signal Amoco well 10-1 in 1970. This well recovered light oil (36.7 degrees API) from Devonian Sandstones of the Takoradi Formation between 7,500ft and 8,000ft. The initial drill stem tests indicated that the well could produce oil at a rate of 3,600 bbl/day.

Recent shot of our platform.

In 1976, Amoco relinquished the concession and it was reassigned to Offshore Hydrocarbons Limited who subsequently entered into a development farm out with Agri-Petco of USA . In 1977/78 Agri-Petco drilled six appraisal/ development wells from a centrally located jack-up rig (“Mr. Louie”). The jack-up was converted into a production unit and the field was put on stream in October 1978. The field interest was reassigned to Primary Fuels Incorporated (PFI) in 1984 and was shut-in in mid 1985.The license then reverted to Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the field was maintained in a shut-in state.